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A. Cast Insurance (Film Producers Indemnity) Including Pre-Production and Post-Production Indemnity Provides coverage for additional or extra costs incurred in the completion of the film over and above the normal budgeted costs, occasioned by the death or disability (accident or sickness) of any specifically scheduled person. This is basically an "extra expense and/or abandonment" coverage.
A medical examination is normally required within twenty-one days prior to commencement of filming.

This insurance protects the production company should incurred cost and expenses be tied to the availability of a contracted director, producer or actor; it also covers extra expense incurred in the event of death or disability of an insured director, producer or actor during Pre-Production.

This insurance is normally required when the period of insurance is measured in months rather than weeks (otherwise the Pre-Production element of the Film Producers Indemnity insurance is adequate).

This provides coverage similar to Cast insurance for directors, producers, editors and others during the post-production period. It is needed when delays due to the disability or death of such persons would cause the production company to incur considerable extra expenses in completing the film.

B. Negative Film, Videotape and Master Tape Floaters Including Faulty Coverage's; Accidental Erasure Coverage For Videotape
Covers all risks of physical loss or damage to the negative film and indemnifies the production company for the extra expenses to reshoot the lost or damaged material, or for aborted costs in case of abandonment.

Faulty coverage includes:
- Fogging, or the use of faulty materials, faulty cameras or videotape recorders, or faulty sound equipment or soundtracks;
- Faulty developing, editing, or processing;
- Cutting, physical editing, cueing or other laboratory work; or accidental erasure of videotape recordings or soundtracks;
- Accidental exposure to light.

C. Props, Sets and Wardrobes
This is an "All Risk" protection covering owned property or the property of others while used or to be used in connection with the insured production.

D. Miscellaneous Equipment
Includes cameras, sound, grip, electrical, lighting, communications and musical instrument equipment, production location equipment (fixed and mobile), recording equipment, theatrical property and all related property, covering all risks of loss or damage on a worldwide basis for owned and rented equipment used or to be used in the insured production.

E. Extra Expense Indemnity
Reimburses the production company for any extra expense (additional costs) necessary to complete principal photography of an insured production due to the loss, damage or destruction of property or facilities (props, sets, wardrobe or equipment) used in connection with the production. Coverage includes losses due to faulty generator operation and mechanical breakdown of cameras.

F. Third Party Property Damage (Covering Property of Others While in Your Care, Custody or Control Only)
This covers buildings, personal property and facilities utilized in the production, which is excluded from General Liability policies.

G. Office Contents
Covers business personal property including furniture, fixtures, tenant's improvements and betterments, and office equipment against all risk of direct physical loss or damage.

H. Hired Vehicle Damage
Pays for damage to or destruction of mobile equipment vans, mobile studio units, cinemobiles, honeywagons, generators, portable dressing rooms and similar type vehicles. Coverage applies to declared vehicles for amounts up to specified values or limits. Coverage may also aply to motor vehicles owned by the production company or any rented private passenger cars, if specifically endorsed to the policy. This coverage is sometimes provided in a policy combined with Non-Owned Automobile Liability coverage.
*Note: The coverage descriptions provided herein are general and are not a complete explanation of the policy terms and conditions.

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