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Utopia Insurance Insurance Brokerage understands that due to the nature of their enterprise and clientele, nightclub and bar owners must be prepared for more liability claims than most other business owners. Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant Insurance consists of several coverage categories that in combination protect you from property damage and bodily injury claims as well as risks that are more specific to your business.

Competitive Rate Structures:

Utopia Insurance agents can provide complete Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant Insurance packages at rates as low as $1000 a year. Though packages and prices vary, Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant owners should consider comprehensive coverage that protects them from as many risks as possible.

Your Exposure to Claims:

Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant owners must protect themselves from property damage, liability for bodily injury that occurs on their premises, personal injury suits, crime and assault and battery. Most Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant Insurance packages include:

  • General Liability: covers you for up to 5 million dollars in damages due to a lawsuit or claim involving accidental bodily injury or property damage.
  • Liquor Liability: pay for sums which the insured is obligated to pay due to a lawsuit or claim involving bodily injury or property damage on or off the premise resulting from a patron that was served alcohol from your establishment.
  • Assault and Battery: coverage for third party liability claims that arise from assault and battery charges. This covers patron to patron and employee to patron violence.
  • Personal Injury Coverage: helps protect against lawsuits for liable, slander, etc.

Property Coverage:
  • Building Coverage: includes any damage, whether intentional or accidental, to your Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant.
  • Personal Property Coverage: includes damage to your personal property on the premises
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage: will cover the larger costs of reconstruction if your older building suffers substantial damage and must be rebuilt in compliance with new government standards.
  • Business Income Coverage: covers loss of income due to a claim.

Crime Coverage:
  • Robbery & Safe Burglary, Money & Securities Coverage: covers money and securities lost in a robbery or safe burglary at a building or in the care and custody of a messenger.
  • Theft, Disappearance, & Destruction Coverage: protects against loss of money and securities resulting directly from any kind of theft, disappearance, or destruction of property

There are also numerous plans that cover glass, appliances, parking areas and essentially everything that a Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant owner may need to protect or may be liable for.

Utopia Insurance Services:

Utopia Insurance insurance brokers understand that our customers require a fast quote turnaround, a quick and easy signing, and convenient payment options. To streamline services, Utopia Insurance provides our customers with:
  • The option to pay by MasterCard, Visa, or check by phone
  • Competitive choices from only highly rated insurance carriers
  • An accurate certificate of insurance that arrives quickly
  • Custom designed package options
  • Fast quotes and assessments at the lowest prices possible

To better understand your insurance needs and obtain the service that is best for you, please contact Utopia Insurance Services right now at (877) 867-1467.
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